3 Programme Axis

The Visly Programme is built around 3 Axis


1. Connections will promote sustainability by partnering with organizations and companies that support or implement sustainable principles ideas systems and technology; Visly will also facilitate technological and cultural knowledge and skills transfer and provide opportunities for training and scholarships around these themes. Visly work with different partners within Sweden; and internationally, involving public and private sector organizations, academia, private sector, and cities, towns and communities that in parallel contribute to greener societies. 


3. Reset Centers

The first Reset Centre will be established in Sweden as a pilot – to consolidate and implement ideas and technology that promote sustainability and survival of the planet and people – renewable energy sources, access to clean water, vertical farming, sustainable building methods; and workshops around wellness and yoga, food and nutrition, ancient and modern healing practices, creativity, architecture, light and sound.

Visly will also explore the effects of the physical – architecture, space, matter, light and sound, on the spiritual/mental dimension… and build spaces designed using ancient sacred geometry principles – that lift vibrations and elevates the consciousness.


2. Think Tank

Will collect, refine and distribute materials and thinking around timeless knowledge and frontier science for Visly projects; review the impact of new philosophy of life and value systems on the human consciousness and behavior change; reflect on the balance between the mental, spiritual and physical dimensions, for better decision making around Visly initiatives;

Will catalyze human evolution by providing a platform to ideate, innovate, implement, apply the new value systems; as part of the ‘the Visly DNA project’.

For general enquiries contact info@visly.se
For specific enquiries contact nadine.waheed@visly.se

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