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Visly was established in 2018 in Sweden, as a humanitarian and philanthropic initiative, to provide the foundation to navigate the global urgency and pressing need for creating happier, more peaceful and humane societies; the protection and the preservation of earth and its resources, and the harmonious coexistence between the two – humanity and earth – people and the planet. 

Visly is based on the philosophy that recognizes the potential for collective power of human potential to bring about positive and constructive change, at an individual and collective level; prioritizes the need for balance and co-existence between man and nature; and actively pursues and implements opportunities that showcase a new model of living and co-existence.  

Visly is a foundation, a platform, a think-tank and a program, geared to transition into this paradigm shift – aiming to activating human potential for good, for piloting innovative, holistic eco and technology projects and the creation of better opportunities and partnerships to achieve the balance needed between man and nature, in line with the universal principles and the global sustainable development agenda for balanced and sustainable development SDGs. 

Why get involved with the Visdom & Lycka – the foundation for Wisdom and Happiness?     

Humanity faces challenges that scary, difficult and very demanding. 

More and more people are beginning to understand that we really need to open our hearts and minds to enable a future and survive.  Dramatic changes are necessary to be able to have a collective future, and to make this future good, we need an alternative model of existence. We see that there are options, there are possibilities, there are ways to make this possible.  For instance, indigenous people still carry the knowledge of how to live in symbiosis with nature and with fellow human beings… while modern science and technology are constantly coming up with new breakthroughs which can be applied in a positive way to help protect and co-exist with our planet. 

Collect the first Visly axis gathers and collects useful knowledge from different branches of sustainability such as water, air, energy, farming combining with the use of timeless wisdom from the ancient times, to increase our capacity as human beings to consciously create a better way of life, a better way of existence.  

We invite partners, connections and collaborators from all geographic locations, technical backgrounds, with ideas, plans and resources – who are motivated and inspired to make positive changes – to get in touch with us and collaborate! 

Refine, even if there actually would be necessary to go back to “old” style of living we know and understand that this is not an option.  We need our creature comforts and the lifestyles we are used to.  There is a lot of groundbreaking, modern technology that when combined with the ancient knowledge and timeless wisdom, would provide novel options, and possibilities.   Under the Refine axis of Visly, our think tank will explore, review, evaluate collected knowledge, make connections and develop ideas that provide possibilities and alternatives for a sustainable physical and happier mental existence. 

Distribute,  our intention is to put our knowledge and ideas into action! We are motivated and driven to “walk our talk through demonstrated ideas and solutions in action. In the distribution phase we will practice and apply the collected and refined knowledge. We will put our ideas in practice, we will spread the word, we will provide education and we will enable this “future” for those who want to create a new reality 

Using art & geometry, music & sound, light etc we want to provide alternative spaces, that nurture our creativity & curiosity, improving the connection between our brains- mental mind and our hearts – and our capacity to enable more harmonic, balanced solutions for the betterment of humanity 


We are on our way to build a world wide community, continually adding to our knowledge resources... All knowledge that’s collected and worked with, will be made available open source to everyone. Visly Reset Centers will be opened to demonstrate pilots of what is possible, and as places for teaching & learning – where you can internalize the knowledge of how to replicate and use such alternatives in your own homes, communities, towns and cities. 

The future of humanity hangs in balance; if you resonate with our ideas and message, help us and join us to make a future possible. Support us through making a donation, sharing knowledge and spreading the word. Thank you! 

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Swish 123 153 4270
BG 5486-1216
Bankkonto 5150 1068148