Merging Ancient Wisdom & Frontier Technology for a sustainable future 



The foundation for Visdom & Lycka  is a platform, a think-tank and a programme, geared to transition the current paradigm shift for a more balanced, conscious model of co-existence between people and the planet, science and spirituality, humanity and the universe.  

Our aim is to provide a supportive, creative and innovative environment to activate human potential for good; for piloting innovative, holistic, eco-technology projects driven by sustainable principles; and create positive opportunities and partnerships to achieve balance between man and nature, in line with the universal human rights principles and the global sustainable development agenda (SDG’s). 


Through use of knowledge arising from nexus between ancient, indigenous wisdom, modern science and technology, our think tank will provide tools for holistic human development and potential realization, demonstrate pilots for sustainable living & off-grid lifestyle, as well as create opportunities and a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge, skills & tools.

We believe that increasing creative and cognitive skills in people and by demonstrating alternative solutions, we can strengthen, accelerate and improve the development and evolution of the human species. By involving caring, socially competent and innovative individuals and organizations who think outside the box  operate on a value based system not controlled by profit, we can create the future we want.

Our 12 guidelines – the DNA of Visly

The 12 guidelines form the basis or “DNA” of our operations, philosophy and approach. They are neither rules nor law, however we believe that promoting certain qualities in our approach and lives, enables us to create and maintain an evolved society. 

Axis 1


Promoting partnerships around sustainability and peace by supporting and connecting organizations, companies, universities, communities and individuals that promote or implement sustainable principles, ideas, (value) systems and technology.

Axis 2

Think Tank

A think tank to harness and store all knowledge, tools, data, information and review the impact of on-going projects and value systems; development of measuring systems and indicators; and provide feedback and connections to partner organizations, companies, communities & projects.

Axis 3

Reset Centers

Design of sustainable, self-sufficient eco-systems that that have their own water, energy, infrastructure, food production systems and value systems in place and communities operating with ethical value systems that facilitate a more humane connected and low-footprint lifestyle.



Entrepreneur on a quest for change with a great appre-ciation and curiosity for life.  

Educated in international marketing and economics and background in running several companies in Sweden, Olof has been involved in the fitness industry for the past 15 years and is a well renowned educator and pioneer in functional training.    

Harnessing wisdom to enhance our own lives as well as those around us has been a main theme in his life, strengthened by a strong interest in philosophy, religion and psychology.  

He possesses unique skill in engaging and connecting people to encourage change, manifesting complex reality into something that will be accessible for everyone. 

To engage and connect people, collect knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of humanity and enable a future of mankind” 

 Esly Moncada

Raised in Colombia, partially fostered by “Granny” a woman with knowledge pertaining to the body, mind, nature, plants and jungle.

 Esly has an interest and deep understanding of the hidden multiculturalism and shamanic  knowledge.

13 years of work with an education on the multidisciplinary field of social sciences, she has moved her linguistics (master) knowledge within a context of sociology and psychology as well as tourism (mainly sustainable travel, corporate incentive travel, wellness, wanderlust and ecotourism),  which has made her a woman with capacities to develop international humanitarian projects and lead them forward.

If one word to describe Esly it is “joy”! In Esly’s presence it is easy to feel joy and happiness. Alongside this “joy” is a mind requires order and structure in a balanced way evaluates and compiles information.

The lucidity that Esly possess, and the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff,  is an excellent resource in evaluating and developing the various projects which will be run by Visly.


Sustainable developmental professional who has worked with the United Nations, in close partnership with national and city governments, donors, civil society and vulnerable communities for over 12 years in countries such as Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Haiti, Mongolia, Japan.  

Educated in Engineering & Design in the UK, her areas of expertise are Housing & Urban Development, Disaster Risk Resuction & Climate change, Water & Sanitation, Public Health, Capacity Building, Governance; with a strong focus on strategic planning, projects design, monitoring & evaluation, communications, donor relations, partnership & advocacy.

 Bridging diverse fields and sectors using knowledge, intuition and design, we can create supportive mental and physical environments for innovative solutions and new realities.

“To create positive, sustainable change for a new paradigm, through innovation and leadership.”

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