Merging Ancient Wisdom & Frontier Technology for a sustainable future 



The foundation for Visdom & Lycka  is a platform, a think-tank and a programme, geared to transition the current paradigm shift for a more balanced, conscious model of co-existence between people and the planet, science and spirituality, humanity and the universe.  

Our aim is to provide a supportive, creative and innovative environment to activate human potential for good; for piloting innovative, holistic, eco-technology projects driven by sustainable principles; and create positive opportunities and partnerships to achieve balance between man and nature, in line with the universal human rights principles and the global sustainable development agenda (SDG’s). 


Through use of knowledge arising from nexus between ancient, indigenous wisdom, modern science and technology, our think tank will provide tools for holistic human development and potential realization, demonstrate pilots for sustainable living & off-grid lifestyle, as well as create opportunities and a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge, skills & tools.

We believe that increasing creative and cognitive skills in people and by demonstrating alternative solutions, we can strengthen, accelerate and improve the development and evolution of the human species. By involving caring, socially competent and innovative individuals and organizations who think outside the box  operate on a value based system not controlled by profit, we can create the future we want.

Our 12 guidelines – the DNA of Visly

The 12 guidelines form the basis or “DNA” of our operations, philosophy and approach. They are neither rules nor law, however we believe that promoting certain qualities in our approach and lives, enables us to create and maintain an evolved society. 

Axis 1


Promoting partnerships around sustainability and peace by supporting and connecting organizations, companies, universities, communities and individuals that promote or implement sustainable principles, ideas, (value) systems and technology.

Axis 2

Think Tank

A think tank to harness and store all knowledge, tools, data, information and review the impact of on-going projects and value systems; development of measuring systems and indicators; and provide feedback and connections to partner organizations, companies, communities & projects.

Axis 3

Reset Centers

Design of sustainable, self-sufficient eco-systems that that have their own water, energy, infrastructure, food production systems and value systems in place and communities operating with ethical value systems that facilitate a more humane connected and low-footprint lifestyle.

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