12 Guidelines

12 guidelines

These guidelines form the basis or “DNA” of our operations, philosophy and approach.

We found that practicing certain principles and qualities in our life is necessary to be able to create, lift and maintain a more evolved and conscious society.

People are different, with unique backgrounds, experiences and ways of perceiving reality so defining can principles to help us keep on-track and guide us on the same path of doing good and being of service. Those guidelines are not absolute and there can be different interpretations, based on your specific experiences, your level of consciousness and perceptions of reality

These guidelines are intended to maintain a healthy level of interaction, cooperation and balance amongst humans, and between humans, animals and our home planet.

Below we give you some ideas on how to interpret the guidelines. You will for certain find more and maybe even better ways to use and practice these guidelines in your life and in your interactions with others. Do not let our interpretation and explanations limit your actions and initiatives in doing good!

The 12 guidelines are neither rule nor law, they are just guidelines!

Evolve, Experience, Explore.

Connect, Longevity, Discovery

Live long, and prosper!


A catalyst for change

Empower yourself and others

Have courage to let go of what no longer serves you (ego), maintain a positive spirit and a constructive attitude.

Be a catalyst for change, encourage and support others, believe in yourself and others. 


Development & Improvement

Listen, learn and aim to improve, add value and knowledge. Create better alternatives, better solutions and better approaches 


Wisdom beyond knowledge

To act out from a place of knowing – which comes from experience and applied knowledge. Wisdom also, of foresight –the ability to discern the consequences of your actions, and produce the best possible outcome for all.  



Without ego

Without position, no separation

It is not about what you can gain, but what you can create as a positive force that contributes to the greater good. Or well-being of the people and our coexistence with the planet   

We are all connected, when there is no separation, no personal pronoun, no position, we shift the focus onto wisdom and the future. The ‘I’ becomes less important than ‘WE’; and as a collective energy supporting each other and working together, we will be able to achieve much more. 



And accountability For the next generation.

In all our actions, we need to have next generation and future generations in mind. To be accountable for all actions you do take; to have the foresight to take actions that are not detrimental but instead leave a positive legacy for future generations.


Be dispensable

Display Humility  

Do not create and build around your own persona and yourself. Make things possible for others. Everyone has different roles and parts to play but we must learn to think and act beyond ourselves. It is not just about me, it is about us, and the collective agenda/interests needs to take precedence over the individual agenda/interest. 


Purpose in all actions

 Great and small

The fundamental of existence is coexistence, and as all 12 principles aim for, it is for the betterment of humanity; to practice living beyond your needs, attaining a balance in the total between mankind, animal kingdom and our home planet.  Every action, every interaction, must be done in the light of our bigger why.


Attaining karmic balance

Do good, be kind

Actively seek out and be open to opportunities to do well. Build your ability to act (out of love) and not react (from your ego). The frequency of love you maintain, will produce compassion, empathy, care, forgiveness, trust, joy. Stay balanced and in good karma. Override entropy with empathy.



On Impact

Take time for self-inquiry and to reflect on the impact of actions. Contemplate how others around me are affected; and adjust your actions and behavior accordingly, align with the guidelines.

Meditation, contemplation, introspection, reflection..

Who am I, what do I want?


Give 1:3

Add more value, give back more than you receive

Gratitude for what we have is the main motivator to give, to share, to nurture and build value systems and communities for the future. Always leave situations better than you found them. There is no room for greed.  If everyone become a giver, there would be no scarci!



Be inclusive

We are all fractals, parts of a whole. In the eco system of humanity every part matters. There is a need of diversification, variations and alternatives to the current reality. Every soul that entering this realm of reality matter, and are able to contribute for a betterment of humanity. We connect, include, expand; and believe all kinds of energy are needed to enable growth and as long as the principles are respected everyone is welcome.



Fairness and justice

Everyone has the same fundamental value. No race, religion, nationality, politics, gender, sexual preferences etc. is better than the other.

Treat others how you would be treated – justly, with fairness and respect.

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